Food Exploration Community in Mercer Court

Want to know more about what events and activities are taking place in Mercer Court? Find out more about Food Exploration from the Fall and what is happening this Winter!

Currently, Mercer Court provides opportunities for small group living in shared apartments. The apartments are open during academic break periods, which make them ideal for students who wish to remain on campus. Mercer Court is conveniently located in the vibrant West Campus community close the University District’s Ave. and the Burke-Gilman Trail. Residents also have access to all of our West Campus Amenities.



New students requesting the Food Exploration Community for 2014–15, who apply in May 2014, have the best opportunity for placement in the Food Exploration Community through random selection from that Priority Group. Students who apply after May will be assigned based on their application date.

A request for placement in the Food Exploration Community will supersede building and room type preferences.

For more information, check out the HFS website at:

We hope you’ll consider this exciting housing option!

APPLY to live in the Food Exploration Community in Mercer Court

Apply to live in a new residential community for students interested in food studies located in the brand new LEED-certified Mercer Court Apartments residence hall. The Food Exploration Community brings students together to explore the connections between growing, eating and learning. From field to table to classroom, food intersects with farming, plant biology, culture, community, human health, restoration ecology, economics and politics. Activities and opportunities will draw on the rich food resources of the area including the robust Resident Dining Program offered by HFS, which features locally grown products, Fair Trade Certified coffee, creative culinary teams, and environmentally conscious food production and delivery. Students will also have opportunities to explore the UW Farm, local gardens, urban farming and the thriving Seattle food culture. The Food Exploration Community is offered in collaboration with the College of the Environment and the School of Public Health, which will help students explore academic pathways related to food including new UW minors in food studies and in nutritional sciences to be launched 2013–14. The community may be of special interest to students interested in environmental sciences, food production, food studies, health sciences, law, nutritional sciences, political science, public health and sociology.